About Us


MUSO's founder, Martik, moved to the States in 2010 with a heart full of dreams, but a heavy burden of depression weighing him down. Arriving in the USA with little more than hope, he faced numerous challenges as he navigated a new culture and struggled to find his place. However, everything changed when he discovered the transformative power of fitness. In the darkest corners of his mind, he found solace in the sweat-drenched embrace of the gym. As he sculpted his body, he realized that his physical transformation was merely the tip of the iceberg. Working out became his sanctuary, an escape from the relentless grip of depression, and a catalyst for personal growth.



Driven by a newfound passion, Martik, a textile designer by profession, embarked on a remarkable journey to combine his love for fitness and his expertise in textile design. He envisioned a brand that would not only inspire others to embrace an active lifestyle but also empower them to conquer their own battles. Thus, "Muscle Solution" was born—a sophisticated and innovative active-wear brand that seamlessly blended performance, style, and functionality. With meticulous attention to detail, Martik channeled his creative energy into crafting garments that would enhance every movement, ensuring that each individual wearing his creations felt both comfortable and confident. Through his brand, he aimed to spread the message that fitness isn't just about physical appearance; it is a transformative journey that can revolutionize every aspect of one's life, just as it had done for him. With every stitch and every design, Martik wove his story of resilience, hope, and triumph, inspiring others to discover their own muscle solutions and embrace a life of strength and self-belief.